While I was Crossfitting, I more or less stuck to a paleo diet and it worked very well for me. Then, about a year and half ago, I gave up xfit (injuries, wanted to do more cardio, bored, etc…) but continued to eat a paleo diet.  Now, I must admit, I was really not that strict.  I had sauces and a little dairy.  I ate far too many nuts and dried fruit. I went off. I got back on.  Regardless, even when I was very strict with my eating, my results were…just ok.  It finally dawned on me that since I’m not working out as intensly as I was when I was crossfitting, I probably didn’t need to eat so much meat, eggs and nuts!  I mean, duh…I know I can simply just stop eating so much meat, eggs and nuts.  But I really wanted a “jump start.”  I’ve got a very obsessive personality so I knew I needed something new to follow.

So about 2 and half weeks ago I started a cleanse (Wild Rose D-Tox). The detox emphasized brown rice (gasp!), veggies, almonds and lentils. No flour, sugar or dairy.  The kit came with pills that I stopped taking about 2 days in (disgusting), but I’ve stuck to the diet and the plan is to make this a “lifestyle” (mmm..yeah, we’ll see how long this lasts). 

Breakfast is oatmeal cooked in water, topped with cinnamon and some unsweetened almond milk.  OMG.  I forgot how good oatmeal is!  And how filling it is. 

Lunch is brown rice mixed with one or more of the following:  tuna, eggs, corn, peas or whatever is left in the fridge.

Dinner is the same as lunch or fish and brown rice.  Or salad and fish.

I snack on almonds, avocados, veggies, etc.

No flour, dairy, sugar and limited fruit (paleo).  Lots of fish, veggies, almonds, brown rice (eeks!), corn (gasp!) and oatmeal (gah!). 

Verdict?  So far, so good. In fact, I haven’t felt this good since I was crossfitting+eating paleo. Actually, I feel better since I was perpetually sore when I was crossfitting.  So what’s the plan?  The plan is to stick to this lifestyle as long as possible.  BUT I will incorporate 1 cheat meal (e.g. pizza, sushi, dumplings, dim sum) and 1-2 treats (e.g. coffee+cream - OMG I miss you, a muffin, a chocolate bar, cake, candy) per week.  But NO TRAIL MIX. It’s like freakin’ crack to me.  But I will only have a cheat meal and/or one or two treats only if I REALLY want it.  And only if it’s totally worth it. 

  1. maaaandyb said: So weird - I added back oatmeal & brown rice a few weeks ago & have been enjoying it!
  2. wfung said: Progress pic of rock solid abs please!
  3. celebratingorselfmedicating said: Awesome that you’ve found something that works so well for you. I also like having a specific plan laid out that I can follow. And HELL YEAH on dim sum cheat meals!
  4. thesageway said: Thank you for the update :D :D I’ve really enjoyed following your health and fitness journey over the past couple of year :D
  5. allidoisrunliftwine-whine said: Sometimes carbs are good 😏
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